Math Board Game: Private I
Private I is a board game in a book.  First, it's a game
of imagination.  Children assume secret identities and
then guess who everyone is.  They love it because it
unleashes their ingenuity and challenges their detective
skills at the same time.

Second, it's a game of arithmetic.    Because three
10-sided dice are used to move around the board, all
rolls are strategic.  The numbers on each die can be
either positive or negative, so each roll produces eight
possible moves, four forwards and four backwards.  
The children therefore get to choose which of the
questions on the board they will ask.  Sample
questions are "Does it have an A?" "Is it soft like
babies?" and "Is it a machine?"    

The game is designed to be fun, but it also helps
tremendously with children's addition and subtraction

Price: $9.95.

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The game exists as a Kindle ebook, but
works better as a paperback.