Children's Picture Book.  64 pages
Freddi French is a great admirer of Dr Seuss. His son had all but
memorized the
Cat books by the age of two. The next three years were
filled with the
Lorax, the Grinch and Horton, but when his son turned
five, Freddi wanted a new book to read to him. Specifically, he wanted a
new Dr Seuss book, but that was impossible... unless he wrote it himself.
And that is how
Millie the Mouth was born: as a homage to Dr Seuss.
Both the language and the pictures in
Millie amply demonstrate where he
found his inspiration. However, he wanted to do more than just imitate.
Accordingly, Millie is very different from the Cat. Nothing Millie does is
bad. She has fun with the kids instead of at their expense. When she
leaves, you want her to come back. You aren’t afraid that she might
just that.
This is never more evident than in the song that Freddi wrote
for Millie. Millie genuinely wants the kids to enjoy themselves. And that
is exactly what they do.
“French’s charming tale has an exuberance and wit that should delight
any child. The big, brassy, enthusiastic personality of Millie will jump off
the page; some readers will take to Millie as a much beloved partner in
crime when she urges the twins not to tell their mother about dinner
since “she’ll spoil the fun.” French’s simple but enchanting and
expressive illustrations display the mischievous Millie in a variety of
moods and poses. Lively and active, the drawings depict the entire story
for children who can’t read, culminating in a humorous climax.

“A delightful children’s tale with an engaging, larger-than-life lead

Kirkus Reviews