Fantasy, Mystery, Thriller. 184 pages
Asia has a past, and it’s not the sort of past that others have. Asia’s past is
always galloping up behind her and jumping on her back. Her mother is a
permanent presence, the focal point of the day, but sometimes she swallows
her up entirely, invades every part of her life, and drives Asia to the edge of
madness. But who is this compelling, alien woman? Why does she pursue
Asia so relentlessly? What does she really want from her daughter? As the
novel moves on, Asia becomes obsessed with unmasking her mother's true
The Death Fairy is remarkable because, in an age where graphic
brutality is the norm, it contains virtually no violence. However, it's both
riveting and tense from start to finish, because Asia is waging a constant
battle to control, and even possess, her own life. It's like a murder mystery
with no murder. Or perhaps, after all, there is one little murder...

The book's vivid journey through Asia's dreamscapes will enthrall readers to the end.  
Kirkus Reviews