A Collection of Fairy Tales
The great beauty of Andrew Lang’s Blue Fairy Book, originally
published in 1889, is that it brought together many different fairy
tale traditions. There are stories written by Charles Perrault and
Mme d’Aulnoy, collected by the Grimm brothers and Asbjornsen
and Moe, and translated from the Arabian Nights. It is a very rich
collection of fairy tales.  However, the stories are written in a
language that is outdated and in places inaccessible to modern
American children (and even their parents). To remedy this
problem, I edited half of the stories in Lang’s book, keeping them
as close as possible to the originals, but revising every sentence so
the stories can once again be read with pleasure by children.
The stories included in the book are Toads and Diamonds, Beauty
and the Beast, Snow-white and Rose-red, Why the Sea is Salty,
Felicia and the Pot of Carnations, Hansel and Grettel, Little Red
Riding Hood, The Master Maid, The Goose-girl, Prince Hyacinth
and the Adorable Princess, The Girl with Saffron Hair, The
Sleeping Beauty in the Wood, Rumpelstiltzkin, The Tale of a
Youth who Set Out to Learn what Fear was, Cinderella, Puss
in Boots, The White Cat
and Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves.
The New Blue Fairy Book is available in two different editions.   
One contains all eighteen fairy tales, while the other is divided
into three separate books, each containing six fairy tales.